What’s That Weird Noise Coming From My Car?

Like an old friend, we come to know all of the idiosyncrasies of our automobile. In particular, we know how it sounds when its running good. Consequently, we know when something’s awry because that healthy hum is somehow…different. If find yourself asking, “What’s that weird noise coming from my car?” then keep on reading.


A high-pitched squealing sound usually indicates one thing: brake pads are done. Pads are manufactured with a small piece of metal that rubs against the discs when the pads have worn down. In other words, it may be time for new pads!

There’s another kind of squeal that could indicate another issue. Sometimes a worn-out or damaged belt can make a certain squealing sound. You can visually check your belts to see if they are cracked or chipped or otherwise damaged.


When your engine is idling and its doing so a rhythmically, this could indicate that your engine is misfiring. Dummies.com suggests that you “remove the spark plugs one at a time and check to see if they’re clean and properly gapped.”


If you hear a thump-thump-THUMP and it seems to be coming from a tire and that tire is properly inflated, it may mean that a tire is flat-spotted. Tires have cords inside and sometimes overnight, they can flatten out since the tire is sitting on the same spot. The cool thing is that this is no big deal at all. The sound should go away after you’ve driven a little while.

weird noise coming from my car

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