Ford Partners with DowAska to Make Carbon Fiber Cars

Ford has teamed up with DowAska to bring us something we’ve been waiting for a long time at Shults Ford of Harmarville: carbon fiber.

As you may already know, carbon fiber is an extremely useful material that brings a number of benefits to the machines that use it, including low weight, high strength, and high stiffness. These among a number of other properties have made it incredibly popular in motorsports, aerospace, and military engineering.

So far, though, it’s remained mostly out of reach of regular automotive customers. But no longer. Ford’s new partnership with DowAska is all about finding the best way to manufacture high-volume carbon fiber for use in cars in a way that is actually cost-effective, which up to this point has been the main limiting factor.

If Ford could somehow begin building carbon fiber cars (or cars with carbon fiber parts), we could expect major weight reductions at essentially no cost in structural strength. We can’t wait!

carbon fiber cars