New Year’s Resolutions for Car Safety

New Year’s Resolutions for Car SafetyHappy 2014 everyone! The New Year is finally here, and with new beginnings comes our New Year’s resolutions. While some of us have promised to make it to the gym more, opt for healthier food options, lay off some hard beverages, or strive to accomplish something great, Shults Ford is giving everyone some car safety resolutions that you should make sure to stick to this year!

Put down your cell phone!

We all say that we don’t text or use our phone while we drive, but most of us can admit to using it every now and then. Even if it’s checking the weather or looking to see who messaged you, it’s a driving distraction. One resolution this year should be to during your phone off or put it away when you’re driving. Most things can wait a few minutes while you’re on the road, we promise!


If you traveling with your family or friends, it’s important to make sure everyone is buckled up. If you want to increase vehicle safety this year, make sure everyone is buckled up before you put the car in drive. Remember, you are responsible for their lives!

Don’t test the gas tank

We’ve all been in the situation where you need gas, but don’t have time to run to the gas station. Before you know it, your gas light is on and you cross your fingers to make sure you make it to fill up on time. In 2014, make a resolution to fill up when you are getting low, and not wait until that dreaded little light comes on before you get gas. Don’t end up with a dead car on the side of the road this year!

Absolutely no drinking and driving

This one should be a given. Make sure to renew your resolution for 2014 to NEVER drink and drive. Have a buddy that you alternate driving with or make sure you have a contact to call if you need a ride. If you don’t have a taxi’s number saved in your phone already, do that right now! It may be the best resolution you have ever made.


Make these simple car safety resolutions this year and you are set to make 2014 a great one! Swing by Shults Ford for some awesome 2014 deals today!