How to Shovel Snow Without Popping Your Hip Out

shovel driveway

You probably think there isn’t anything worse than having to strap on your snow boots, pile on a couple of jackets and three pairs of gloves, wrap yourself up like Randy from A Christmas Story, and trek out of the relative comfort of your home for the purposes of shoveling your driveway.

You’d be wrong. There’s something way worse than that: going through all of the hassle, bracing against the cold, and feeling something pop in your hip the first time you lift the shovel.

Fortunately, there are a few tips that you can follow to make your snow-shoveling experience as pleasurable as…well…as pleasurable as shoveling snow can be.

  1. You stretch when you go for a run. You stretch when you go to the gym. You should stretch before you start shoveling.
  2. Pick a spot for your pile. You’ll want somewhere that isn’t too far off the beaten path. Knowing where you’re going can save a lot of wasted effort and a lot of precious warmth.
  3. Don’t lift with your back. Use your legs to lift, and never twist your torso when tossing snow aside. Snow may seem light, but it can sure get heavy fast.
  4. Take a breather. You don’t have to finish it all in one go. Take a second, take a pull or two from your coffee thermos, and get back to it.
  5. Drag somebody with you. Shoveling a good-sized driveway is arguably better left to two people. Convince your spouse/partner/children that shoveling is way more fun than it actually is and get the job done twice as fast.

We’ll be exercising these tips ourselves as we attempt to keep up with the winter weather here at Shults Ford in Harmarville. Make it worth our while and come down to see what we’ve got on the lots.

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