Ford Targets Generation Z

Get out of the driver’s seat, Generation Y—it’s time for the next generation to take the wheel. With post-millennials, known as Generation Z, coming of age, Ford is staking its claim on the next generation of customers.

Models like the Ford Fiesta are geared towards the younger generation who are just entering the workforce. With more and more jobs making their way to the market each month and the economy growing, things are looking up for the generation whose eldest is around 25 years old.

Ford aims to debut more than a dozen models in the next five years. All the models will be high-performance and directed towards younger buyers. As Ford loads up with high-performance cars, they also load up on future buyers as well. According to the company, more than half of the customers who buy a high-performance Ford model will buy another Ford product as well. Most of these buyers are, or will be, members of Generation Z. As the company attempts to reach out to high-performance enthusiasts, they may just make their claim in the next generation of drivers.

Generation Z

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